Your chance to nominate the EMC Elect 2015!

EMC Elect 2015 nominationsIt is that time of year again: time to select the EMC Elect 2015! EMC Elect is a recognition program for the top EMC social media guru’s worldwide. Customers, EMC partners or employees, independent analysts: everyone can become a part of the EMC Elect 2015. To do so, you only need to be nominated (that’s phase 1) and survive the judging process (phase 2 performed by the EMC Elect judging panel). Interested?

EMC Elect 2015

So how do you know if you’re an EMC Elect? Well, if you are an EMC evangelist who is actively sharing knowledge about EMC products and solutions via social media and/or real life engagements, you’ve got the engagement part covered. Think blog posts, tweets, the EMC Community Network (ECN), speaking about EMC products and solutions at seminars, etc. If you can do this with commitment, keep an optimistic point of view during your engagements and you display leadership, you’ve got the three core values hammered down and a good change you’ll pass the judging process.

So what can you expect afterwards? First and foremost, EMC Elect is a recognition, appreciation and in my view, enablement program. No, you will not receive a bright blue sports car with an EMC logo on it. You will however receive early access to information about new products, access to engineering to discuss problems or ideas and become part of a select group of social media guru’s. And maybe you’ll even have the chance to attend a product launch event!

What’s next?

Easy! Nominate the people you think should be part of the EMC Elect 2015 over here. Self-nominations are accepted, so don’t hold back. And since 2014 isn’t over yet; check out the EMC Elect 2014 while you’re at it; maybe you know someone on that list and want to ask them some questions about the program.

Good luck!