I will be flying out to Storage Field Day 10!

SFD LogoGood news: I will be flying out to Storage Field Day 10 which will take place in Silicon Valley on May the 24th till the 27th. Nine companies will be presenting, of which one company came out of stealth just yesterday! Some of these companies I’ve met at earlier Storage Field Days and I’m looking forward to the progress they’ve made over the last couple of months.

Without further ado: these companies will be presenting at Storage Field Day 10:

Storage Field Day 10 Companies

  • Cloudian last presented at Storage Field Day 7 about their software defined storage solution using commodity servers.
  • Datera is the company that came out of stealth just yesterday. Their website claims offering AWS-style elastic block storage for ISPs and cloud providers. Since I work for a cloud provider/ISP… curiosity peaked!
  • Exablox builds scale-out object storage using a Bring Your Own Disks approach. I wrote about their appearance at Storage Field Day 7 over here.
  • Hedvig offers elastic scalable software defined storage where Hedvig brings the software and you, the customer, buy the commodity servers. They never presented at a Storage Field Day before (although they did at Data Field Day), but I got a glimpse of them in a webex briefing in the summer of 2015.
  • Kaminario also presented at SFD7; check their presentation on the block storage K-Blocks over here.
  • Nimble Storage launched their predictive flash platform a couple of months ago; I’m dying to hear what happened since and how the market response has been!
  • Primary Data presented at SFD7 and SFD8 about DataSphere and how it transforms data silos into a global namespace.
  • Pure Storage is presenting at all the even-numbered Storage Field Days it seems: at SFD8 they did a pretty good job explaining their non-disruptive hardware architecture and monitoring systems.
  • At last but not least: Tintri with their VM-aware storage. I’ve heard about the company at many different places, but I’ve never seen them in the field yet. My colleague Gabrie has written a post about Tintri in 2013; It will be good to see firsthand what happened since.

Seven of the 12 delegates for Storage Field Day 10 are known; many familiar faces and some new ones (for me at least). Check the full list of delegates over on the Storage Field Day 10 page and make sure to tune in to the live stream once the event starts. Six weeks and counting…