The EMC Elect are dead; long live the Dell EMC Elect 2017!

DellEMCElect logoThe EMC Elect are dead, long live the Dell EMC Elect!

Last year Dell acquired EMC and merged all companies under the Dell Technologies umbrella. It was inevitable that both the Dell and EMC social media influencer programs were going to merge. You can read a bit about the nomination process and the merger of both programs over here.

Since the Dell EMC Elect program selects its members based on peer recognition, there needs to be an initial batch of members to do the vetting. These are the Dell EMC Elect founders, whom have got the daunting task of reviewing each and every nomination. I can spot a couple of veteran names in there, such as Mark, Allen, Dan and Victor. My hat’s off to them for putting in the grunt work for this year!

The Dell EMC Elect 2017

Yesterday the list of Dell EMC Elect 2017 members was made public, and I’m honored to be able to say: I’m one of the Dell EMC Elect 2017!

For this year I look forward to interact even move with the fellow members on Slack, Twitter and at real-life events such as DellEMCWorld 2017 (stay tuned for an announcement on that front). The amount of knowledge, ranging from deep-dive technology to product positioning and IT & business insight of the collective Dell EMC Elect is frankly, impressive. With the Dell EMC Elect being selected based on their eagerness to share this knowledge, I’m certain I can learn a lot from my peers in the remaining months of 2017.

Of course this program wouldn’t have existed without the hard work of Mark Browne, whose announcement you can read over here. He’s always putting 200% to ensure we get value out of the program. Whether that is a comfy area at Dell EMC World where we can blog/interview/unwind, or product information ahead of the official announcements, or ways into the Dell EMC organization to provide feedback and ask questions.

For now: congratulations to everyone that made it to the Dell EMC Elect 2017, and I look forward to meeting as many of you as possible!