Storage Field Day – I will be attending SFD8!

SFD-Logo2-150x150Woohoo: I will be attending Storage Field Day 8! The 8th edition is held from October 20th till the 23rd in the same location as always: Silicon Valley, CA, (USA, Earth, etc). I’m very excited to return: Storage Field Day 7 was a big success and this time around it shouldn’t be any different. The line-up of presenting companies is impressive: I’ve met some of them at previous Storage Field Days and there’s a couple of new names that I’ve been really looking forward to meet.

There’s a pretty strong list of presenting companies:

SFD8 Presenting Companies

I’ve met three of these companies at SFD6 (Coho Data, Nimble Storage and Pure Storage) and one at SFD7 (Primary Data). It will be interesting to see what these companies did in the months leading up to Storage Field Day 8: are they still working in the same direction, did they change or expand their portfolio and do their customers still upgrade storage arrays during business hours (yes I’m looking at you, Nimble storage! 😉 ).

I’ll admit I’ve never heard from Qumulo, Cohesity, NexGen and Infinidat so there will be some research to be done prior to the event itself. And of course there’s Violin and last but definitely not least, Intel! The former I’ve heard about in a multitude of places (work & customers) but I’ve never had the chance to play with it. The latter company is everywhere around is and I’m curious to see what Intel’s take is on the ever changing storage market. It is after all a massive company that actually makes storage instead of just reselling disks in a cabinet, so this is bound to get interesting… 3D XPoint kind of interesting!

The list of delegates is impressive as well with many familiar faces and some new blood. Check out our mugshots on the Tech Field Day website. Over there you will also be able to watch the live stream during the actual event. Be sure to follow the #SFD8 hashtag on Twitter during the event and ask your questions so we can relay them to the presenter.

Storage Field Day team (Stephen & Claire): thanks for inviting me once again and I’m looking forward to it!