Storage Field Day 7, here I come!

Who has two thumbs and is going to Storage Field Day 7 on 11-13 March 2015 in Silicon Valley? This guy! W00t! Last year I attended Storage Field Day 6 as a complete Tech Field Day newbie; read more about it starting with this post. And I’m absolutely honored to say I was again invited for the newest iteration of the Gestalt IT’s Tech Field Day series!

For this year the basic recipe stays the same: twelve delegates from all over the world with a variety of skill sets and backgrounds, listening to 9 presenting companies talking tech spanning cloud, NAS, SAN, flash… anything storage technology related.

“Jon you can’t count!”

Yes I can! See that secret company? That’s actually two different, secret companies that have made the decision to launch during SFD7 on Thursday the 12th of March!

I’m also glad to see some familiar faces at SFD7. Arjan Timmerman is again helping me represent the Netherlands (now we can haul 2x 23kg of stroopwafels to Silicon Valley). Dan Frith I met at SFD6, together with fellow snowboarder Enrico Signoretti and Ray Lucchesi. Some of the other delegates I met at a previous EMC World, heard about during SFD6 or have seen their ramblings on Twitter. Overall a pretty amazing group and it’s safe to say I’m looking forward to 3 days of tech and conversations.

On the official Storage Field Day 7 page you can find the full list of delegates including Twitter handles and blogs. As soon as the event kicks of on the 11th of March you can also find the live streams and (afterwards) recorded videos of the presentations. There were plenty of presentations that melted your brain, so there’s no harm in watching it again once your brain cools down again 😉

Tune in to #SFD7 on Twitter to pick up some of the pre-event excitement and keep an eye on this blog for posts to come!