Storage Field Day 6 Day 0 – Sightseeing and Yankee swap

Storage Field Day 6 Dinner and Yankee swapSo as I posted a while ago, I was invited to attend Storage Field Day 6 in San Jose, California a while ago. Which is happening right now all the way till November 7th 2014. Today was day 0 with a big get together of the 12 delegates and Stephen, Tom and Claire from GestaltIT, the people organizing all the TechField days. After an very tasty dinner at Genji, a local Japanese steakhouse we performed a ritual called the Yankee swap: everyone brings a present. One by one you either decide to keep your gift or swap it with someones gift. Once everyone has made their decision you open it up and be amazed! Good fun!

Since I’ve never been to San Francisco before I teamed up with Arjan Timmerman, we rented a car (Dodge Challenger to be precise) and drove from San Jose all the way to the Golden Gate bridge. Luckily there was no fog in the bay area and lots of sunshine so we had an amazing view as you can see!

SFD6 Golden Gate Bridge

Afterwards we drove to Fishermans Warf, had lunch, explored downtown San Francisco (yesss, the streets are indeed THAT steep as in the movies; this is where hill control assist makes sense, not on the pathetic Dutch hills!) and struggled back to the hotel in an awfully crowded interstate.

The next couple of days are going to be both exciting and exhausting at the same time. With the jetlag kicking in I’ll leave it at this… stay tuned for more #SFD6 news. Follow us on Twitter or subscribe to our blogs, watch the livestreams; lots and lots of content on storage and SDS/SDDC coming in! Or jump to the after-action report for day 1.

Disclaimer: Even though GestaltIT / TechFieldDay paid for the flight, hotel and various other expenses, there is no requirement to blog or tweet about any of the presentations and everything I post is of my own accord.