Say Hello to the Dell EMC Elect!

Dell EMC Elect 2017 logoLast year Dell acquired EMC. EMC was rebranded to “Dell EMC” and moved under the Dell Technologies umbrella. In the last couple of months we could see the websites, emailing lists and Twitter accounts change from EMC to Dell EMC, etc. So it was inevitable that the EMC Elect program was going to change as well. In the meantime Dell also had an influencer program called the Dell Tech Centre Rockstars. Going forward, these two programs will merge and, as of today, be known as the Dell EMC Elect!

The Dell EMC Elect are people that are enthusiastic about Dell EMC and Dell products. They usually work with Dell EMC products on a daily basis and share their experiences and knowledge on social media, via blogs or speaking engagements. You could call them evangelists or influencers, but that doesn’t mean they’re on the Dell EMC payroll, regurgitating a PowerPoint marketing slide deck. In fact, they are a mix of Dell EMC employees, partners or independent analysts; and they share both positive aspects of products but also honestly point out areas that need improvement.

Nominations are open!

Membership of the Dell EMC Elect is for one year and you have to be nominated by your peers to be eligible for selection. As of today, nominations have opened and will run till the 17th of March. You can nominate yourself or a peer using this form.

A panel of judges will review the nominations and select those worthy of bearing the Dell EMC Elect badge. I am honored to have been an EMC Elect member from 2013 to 2016, and am of course rooting to be selected again for the 2017 edition.

If you are selected, you’ll be part of a very exclusive group of knowledgeable people. This will give you access to product management, pre-release briefings, the Dell EMC Elect Slack group, and maybe even some in-person events. Last year a number of EMC Elect were invited to DellEMCWorld in Austin, TX. It was amazing, both from a community and from a learning perspective.

You can find more information about the new Dell EMC Elect program on the community page on DECN. We’ve also got our own hashtag #DellEMCElect on Twitter, so say Hi and ask your questions over there.

So that’s it for this post! Get your nominations in till the 17th of March. Or if you want to read some more, click on through to Mark Browne’s post; he’s the Dell EMC Elect program manager. Or read Victor’s or Dan’s posts, whom are both judges for the 2017 round. And see you on the Twitters!