RecoverPoint password incorrect – How to unlock an account

RecoverPoint password incorrect error displayIf you try to log in to RecoverPoint, you could be greeted with an error that tells you your username or password are incorrect. If you’re absolutely sure you’re entering the correct password, it could be that your account is locked instead. Read along for instructions to reset either your RecoverPoint password, or how to unlock the account.

Unlock the account

If you’re absolutely sure that you are entering the correct RecoverPoint password, it might be that the account is locked. I agree that the GUI could have presented you with a more obvious error message in this case…

Open an SSH session to the cluster IP (you’ll end up at one of the RPAs) in the cluster. Next, log in using the security-admin account. It will give you a quick status summary of the connected RecoverPoint clusters (hopefully all with OK), and a command prompt.

Enter the command unlock_user. If there are any accounts locked, they will be displayed and you can choose which account to unlock. Else, you’ll get this comforting reply:

RecoverPoint unlock user: no users to unlock

Password reset

If the above command does not show you any locked users, you may have entered the wrong password after all. Try again, and watch out for ‘trailing spaces’ when copy/pasting from a sheet/text file. If that doesn’t help, we’ll have to reset it.

RecoverPoint password change Log in to the GUI using the security-admin account. Browse to Admin -> Users and Roles -> Manage Users. Select the user in question (in my case, the admin user). Click Edit in the bottom of the screen, enter a new password twice, and click OK/Apply. Next, try again and you should be able to log in again.

If you forgot your security-admin password as well, do not despair. Contact Dell EMC support: there are still a couple of methods of resetting the passwords, but you’ll need console access to the RPA or vRPA.