I’ll be at Dell World this October!

Dell worldI will be attending Dell World this October in Austin, Texas and will be trying to find out how the merger between these massive companies will impact the Dell and EMC storage product portfolios. Flying in under the EMC Elect program, we should be having a front row seat to all the exciting announcements!

Dell Technologies

On the 7th of September the whole merger became official and Dell and EMC merged into one big company called Dell Technologies. We knew this was coming for a long time: it has been circling the news for close to a year. There were also plenty of keynote references to the merger at the last EMC World. While the merger concluded I was on vacation in Italy, hence I haven’t written anything about it. Rest assured: Stephen Foskett has written an excellent post highlighting various aspects (good and bad) of the merger.

I myself am having both positive and negative feelings about the merger. The negative part is mostly based on negative experiences with Dell hardware and support teams at some of my previous customers. Then again, I can definitely see the market potential of combining both companies that are currently covering different parts of the market. I guess time will tell how this merger will turn out…

Dell World

I was invited to attend Dell World by Mark Browne who’s running the EMC Elect program. You can find more on the EMC Elect program over here. Flying in late on Monday the 17th, we will have our first influencer and analyst reception on Tuesday the 18th. This will be followed up by a 7AM breakfast briefing on Wednesday where we will receive “special sneak peek insights into top event moments and hear key elements about the combination of Dell and EMC”. Afterwards we’ll join Michael Dell at the keynote.

After the keynote there’s a lot of opportunity for smaller sessions, either at an overview or advanced deep dive level. I’ll be aiming for the sessions concerning hybrid cloud strategy, the Dell EMC Midrange storage portfolio and possibly the hyper converged computing portfolio.

If you’re heading to Dell World as well: say Hi if you spot me, or leave a comment and we can meet up! If you’re staying home: no worries, there will be a live stream of the keynotes. Plenty of EMC Elect and Dell Rockstar bloggers will also be sharing their experiences on Twitter and via blogs. Stay tuned!