EMC World – T minus 1 – Dutch Delegation

This week I’m attending the EMC World conference in Las Vegas with two of my colleages from Open Line, Menno de Liège and Rob Koper. EMC Netherlands organized an additional Dutch Delegation event package for Dutch EMC employees, partners and customers. This year it included a rafting trip over the Colorado river below Hoover Dam.

Colorado river view

We left from The Venetian hotel heading for the Hoover Dam. After a brief transport changeover we arrived at the Hoover Dam and the guided tour started. We learnt about the history of the dam, the wildlife and the various geological formations all around the Colorado river. We even taught the guide how one of the birds was called in the Netherlands: fuut!

So we’re in the middle of a desert. What do we Europeans wear with that in mind? Shorts and a short-sleeved shirt! It’s going to be hot and sunny right, better work on our tans!

EMCWorld Colorado splash

WRONG! We picked the overcast weather and the strong winds. Hence ponchos all around; Marjolein from Jibe! Group (the events team on the ground) bravely facing the spray from the boat head-on! All in all an exhilarating and fun trip which gave us some insight in US history.

After that it was a quick check-in at EMCWorld (they opened ahead of schedule, can’t wait to hit the conference floors tomorrow!) and a quick recharge of the batteries. Followed by the 2nd part of the Dutch Delegation package: a trip to the Stratosphere. Mission: eat some fancy food, enjoy the magnificent view and mingle with the crowd. We ran into an old co-worker who was attending EMCWorld as well, talked with a couple of other different customers and just had a great time.

EMCWorld Stratosphere

Unfortunately the winds were too strong to jump the tower, so no exciting vids to post about that. And we all valued the food too much to take the thrill rides on top!

So what happened when the sun went down? Do you know that famous Vegas rule that starts with “What happens in Vegas, ….”?! Right! Make sure you attend the next EMCWorld to find out! 😉