EMC Elect 2014 – Four more weeks to nominate!

EMC Elect 2014 Nominations

In 2013 the EMC Elect story started: 75 top social media influencers were hand-picked by their peers for sharing their knowledge and enthusiasm about EMC products and solutions over the past year. I myself am honored to be part of the EMC Elect, together with my fellow Open Line colleagues Rob Koper and Menno de Liège. With 2014 around the corner, it’s time to continue the story and nominate the EMC Elect 2014.


EMC Elect Infographic

2013 has been a very busy and successful year for the EMC Elect. Quite a lot of EMC Elect gathered at EMC World last year: we toured the SuperNAP datacenter and had a exclusive EMC Elect meeting with the ViPR product team. My colleague Rob attended the MCx VNX product launch in Milan as part of the #Speed2Lead event. And more importantly, we’ve all shared an immense amount of knowledge with each other.

The EMC Elect come from all parts of the world, all with different cultural and technical baggage: just look at the full range of blog posts on the EMC Elect RSS Feed! And there’s so much more: early access to product information, blogger briefings, a direct route to the right people when I ran into a bizarre engineering anomaly, lunches and dinners powered with bacon and unicorns… And let’s be honest: it’s flattering to wear the EMC Elect badge and be part of a very small, very active and talented group of professionals.

EMC Elect 2014…

So what’s next?! Simple: the story continues and gets even better. And I have no doubt that by the time you’ve read this post, you’re thinking about the right person to nominate for next year. So don’t hesitate and send in your nominations for the EMC Elect 2014 over here! Nominations close on the 15th of November and yes, self-nominations are accepted! 😉