Data Domain DD OS upgrade hung on phase 4/4

DD OS upgrade in progressI recently installed a new Data Domain DD6300. Part of the whole installation procedure is to run a DD OS upgrade to bring the system up to the target DD OS release. You can find the target releases over here. While running the upgrade to, the Data Domain correctly rebooted as part of the upgrade. Logging back in, the system GUI kept throwing an “Upgrade in progress” popup, blocking everything else in view. There is also an alert that shows “DD OS Upgrade is in progress. The system will not be available for backup and restore operations. The alert will be cleared after the upgrade operation is complete.” Which I guess is NEVER when the upgrade is hung…

DD OS upgrade hung on phase 4/4

A similar image is painted by the CLI:

DD OS Upgrade hung phase 4/4 (Finalize 100%)

The system actually already shows the new 6.1.2-20 code; it’s just that the upgrade is hung in phase 4/4 (Finalize 100%). Fortunately, there’s a KB article 489655! Running a new upgrade precheck will shake the hanging upgrade loose. You can reference the original upgrade RPM that should still be on the Data Domain itself:

DD OS Upgrade precheck found no issues.

You can then run a system upgrade watch, which should return There is no upgrade or precheck in progress.

Browsing the GUI, you will still see the upgrade alert. Clearing this alert returns the system back to the original, healthy state. Easy enough fix, I’d say!