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Recipe: Limburgs zoervleisj (zuurvlees)

Limburgs zoervliesj mit fritteOne advantage of running your own blog is that you can add an additional post category with the click of a mouse. Welcome to the food category! In this first post, a recipe for ‘Limburgs zoervleisj’, or ‘zuurvlees’ in non-dialect Dutch. Its direct English translation is ‘sour meat’, which originates from the vinegar to marinate and break down the meat. Limburgs zoervleisj is a regional dish originating from my area of the Netherlands, with a sweet and sour taste. Traditionally, it was made from horse meat, which was cheaper than beef. Nowadays though, beef is used as horse meat is scarce and actually more expensive. We typically eat it with chips, but leftovers are often reheated the next day for lunch with some bread.

One of my pet peeves with blog-style recipes is that they typically have a 600 words prelude on how the author had a profound life experience related to the dish and how making it is going to make the world a better place. So without further ado, lets go to the recipe and NOT do that!

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