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Veeam Availability Suite: Scale-Out Backup Repository, Enhanced NAS backup and (soon) CDP!

Veeam logoVeeam presented a couple of new features for their Backup & Recovery suite at Tech Field Day 20. Three of them stand out for me: the Scale-out Backup Repository, Enhanced NAS backup, and Continuous Data Protection. The first one is a logical container to bundle other backup repositories in. The second because backing up large NAS filesystems is hard, especially if you want to maintain a low RPO. And talking about RPO’s, there’s Continuous Data Protection (CDP) which protects your volume or VM with an RPO of seconds. Let’s explore what’s changing and when we can expect to see these features in the field.

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Data visualization: a picture is worth a 1000 words

data visualization laptop on glass tableLast week I returned from Tech Field Day 20 in Silicon Valley. One of the themes was data visualization: how can you make data easy to consume with handy visualization techniques. The first presentation of week was by SolarWinds, showing the various data visualization products they’ve integrated in the Orion platform since 2014. And it goes quite a bit further than just throwing in a switch for a dark theme and changing an icon left and right, like Apple latest iOS. One of the challenges is that current IT infrastructure is very dynamic. If your monitoring tool can’t cope with this, it will be out of date and useless. Lets explore how SolarWinds solves this.

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Honda VTR 1000 SP2 front fork service

Honda VTR 1000 SP2 front fork disassembledI’ve owned my Honda VTR 1000 SP2 for about 11 years now, since 2008. Back in 2010, after a bumpy and extended trip in the Swiss Alps and Italian Dolomites, one of my front forks started leaking a bit. I took out the forks, a race shop serviced them, and that was that: brilliant ride quality. 2 years later though, the left leg started slightly leaking again. Not a lot, but you could see a slight oily film on the inner leg. I brought it away for another service, they checked it and replaced the seals again. Fast forward another 3 years and.. yep.

At that point, I was slightly fed up with spending €150 for a seal service every 2-3 years. And more importantly, taking the forks out of the bike every 2-3 years. I looked up how difficult it was to do a Honda VTR 1000 SP2 front fork service myself. Turns out, there’s a bunch of things you can do wrong and wreck, but it’s not rocket science! Queue a DIY front fork service!

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Honda VTR 1000 SP2 fuel consumption

Honda VTR 1000 SP2 Race Academy 2011I keep track of the fuel consumption of most my vehicles. It’s a habit that I inherited from my dad, and it’s a habit that’s reinforced by a life in IT. Fuel consumption stats give you some insight in how your motor is running, how much a vehicle costs per kilometer, what the impact of fuel types and prices is on range, etc. So it shouldn’t be a surprise that I also track my Honda VTR 1000 SP2 fuel consumption. Initially I jotted everything down in an Excel sheet (together with maintenance costs). That’s a bit 90’s style though; and I’ve recently exported everything into Spritmonitor.de. It’s a German website that I stumbled onto recently while researching real-world fuel consumption for a future new car. Compared to the manufacturer fuel specs, SpritMonitor offers much more realistic fuel consumption statistics.

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Spicing things up with Tech Field Day 20!

Tech Field Day 20 logoI am going to Tech Field Day 20! And I can wholeheartedly say that I am looking forward to it. I you exclude the brief TFDx with VMware NSX last year, this will be my first, full-length, non-storage Field Day. For the last 10-ish years I’ve been focusing on storage, backup, data replication & disaster recovery. But I actually started out in the hypervisor corner of IT. And my entire career I’ve been shoving my nose into other IT fields and product suites. It’s one of the advantages of working for a (back then) smaller VAR, and keeps life interesting. Tech Field Day 20 will be the perfect opportunity to find out how outdated my knowledge is on those non-storage fronts.

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