About me


My name is Jon Klaus and I am an IT project manager for Open Line, with my primary focus on insourcing and transition projects into the Open Line datacenters.

In 2021 I made the decision to switch to a project management position at Open Line. After 13 years as a senior consultant tinkering with storage, backup and hypervisor systems, I needed a new spark. Project management offers that for me, as it adds a whole range of business aspects & people to my IT mix. But enough about that; visit my LinkedIn if you want to know more about what I’m doing.

In the beginning of my career, I focused on the engineering side of IT: improving, expanding or maintaining the storage & backup systems and hypervisors. Often this involved diagnosing and solving performance problems and trying to squeeze the last IOps out of a system, hence the name of this blog.

Over the years, my interests have widened to include the conceptual and service provider side of storage and IT.  Instead of ‘just’ making the tech work, I now very much like to find the right way to integrate them into the business side of IT. The recurring invites to Storage Field Days have definitely been a catalyst in this transition. It also gives me even more subjects to blog about!

Jon on SnowboardOutside of work, my girlfriend and I are busy renovating our house, DIY-style. After the initial year of renovating the ground floor and a part of the garden, I proposed a project scope change to also fully renovate the first floor. That scope change was approved (+1 for PM skills!), so for the foreseeable future I will be covered in dust, pulling electrical and network wiring, and installing underfloor heating.

Should we ever finish this project and regain some free time, you’ll likely find me on a snowboard or diving somewhere sunny.