About me


My name is Jon Klaus and I am an IT professional. Working with everything from datacenters to operating systems, I tend to specialize in storage systems and the industry developments in this area of expertise.

I am currently working for Open Line as a senior consultant based out of the Maastricht-Airport office in the Netherlands. Consultants should not stay at the office though, so most of the time you can find me at a customer site somewhere in the country.

In the beginning of my career, I focused on the engineering side of IT: improving, expanding or maintaining the storage & backup systems and hypervisors. Often this involved diagnosing and solving performance problems and trying to squeeze the last IOps out of a system, hence the name of this blog.

Over the years, my interests have widened to include the conceptual and service provider side of storage and IT.  Instead of ‘just’ making the tech work, I now very much like to find the right way to integrate them into the business side of IT. The recurring invites to Storage Field Days have definitely been a catalyst in this transition. It also gives me even more subjects to blog about!

Jon on SnowboardOutside of work, you can find me either on a snowboard, a motorbike or under water. Since this usually involves high performance and speeds, some of these subjects might end up on this blog. I also like to travel to new places and take photos along the way, some of which might find their way to this site.

Find me on LinkedIn if you want to know more about my current projects and certifications, or follow me on Twitter for my ramblings.