Upgrading to Isilon InsightIQ 3.0

InsightIQ 3.0 logoA couple of months ago InsightIQ 3.0 was released. This new release offers improvements in the interface and under the hood, especially when paired with OneFS 7.1. Upgrading is straightforward, done in under 30 minutes and also makes sure you’re not affected by the Heartbleed bug. Start clicking!

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InsightIQ – Isilon Monitoring Extravaganza

InsightIQ landing page showing all vital information at a glance.

Once your Isilon cluster is up and running you’ll want to keep an eye on it. A piece of software that’s extremely useful to monitor both performance and capacity usage is InsightIQ. Very easy to set-up, it’s extremely powerful both in pro-active and reactive monitoring scenarios. Either sit back and watch the scheduled reports land in your mailbox or take a more active approach and drill down to find the source of a performance problem. Let’s explore further!

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